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Script, Music and Lyrics by MICHAEL TENNANT

The Cast: 10-15
The Set: Simple 1 or 2 unit set
Approximate Length: 1 act, 1 hour

See the amazing true events leading to the great inventor’s most important scientific discoveries — including his world famous light bulb, phonograph and other innovations. (A curriculum guide for teachers is also available.)


Cast & Synopsis

Thomas Edison


Editor – Assigns stories to the reporters

Davis – A reporter

Johnson – A reporter

Templeton – A reporter originally assigned to cover Edison

Ellen – Cleaning Lady who wishes to be a reporter

Henchman – Crook who works for Rockefeller

Helper – An assistant to Thomas Edison

Lab Assistant – Another assistant to Thomas Edison

Principal – School Principal to young Thomas Edison

Mrs. Edison – Thomas’ mother

Young Thomas Edison – Thomas Edison as a boy

Mr. Edison – Thomas’ father

Pharmacist – Teaches Young Edison about chemicals

Mr. Clemons – Assistant to the Pharmacist

Teenage Thomas Edison – Thomas Edison as a teen

Man – Teaches Edison Morse code

Frank – Co-worker of Teenage Edison

Johnny – Co-Worker of Teenage Edison

Boss – Teenage Edison’s boss

Investor – Man who invests in Thomas Edison’s ideas

Friend – A friend of Edison who helps him with ideas

Reporters, Customers, Paper Boys

1. “Come Buy A Paper” – Paperboy, Customer, Reporters

2. “Society’s Way” – Edison, Chorus

3. “Another Day, Another City” – Teenage Edison, Edison

4. “Finale” – Edison, Chorus