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Script by:

The Cast: 15 or more
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple one unit as desired
Approximate Length: 1 act, 60 min

A Powerful Musical Biography:

In this wonderful musical play script follow the trials and triumphs of Orville and Wilbur Wright in their courageous race to be the first to fly. Their amazing odyssey at the dawning of the twentieth century is a heartwarming portrait of American heroes. This powerful musical biography features toe-tapping period songs and amazing insights into the lives of brothers who fearlessly pursued their dreams of flight against all odds. Suspense and laughter combine to relate one of the most exciting true stories of all time.

This one-act musical biography is perfect for schools and educational outreach. Curriculum guide is also available.


Cast & Songs

(Ages reflect the age of the character in the show, not the age of the actor who plays them)

Sherlock Holmes – Private Consulting Detective
Dr. John H. Watson – Holmes; Friend and Chronicler
Mrs. Hudson – Baker Street Landlady
Stamford – Medical Acquaintance of Dr. Watson
Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard
Professor Moriarty – Criminal Mastermind and Homes’ Archenemy Messenger – Retired Naval Sergeant
Constable Gregson – Works with Lestrade
E. J. Drebber – Murder Victim
Jabez Wilson – Portly, Red-headed Pawnbroker
Vincent Spaulding – Employee of Wilson’s
Duncan Ross – League Administrator
Mr. Merryweather – Bank Director
John Hector McFarlane – A Young Lawyer
Jonas Oldacre – Architect and Builder of Norwood
Miss Lexington – Oldacre’s Housekeeper
Mrs. McFarlane – John’s Mother

1. “The Tour” – Museum Docent, Orville, Wilbur

2. “Measure Twice, Cut Once” – Susan, Young Orville & Wilbur

“The Tour” (Reprise) – Docent

3. “Kites” – Docent, Young Orville & Wilbur

4. “Entrepreneurs” – Wright Brothers

5. “What Would I do Without You” – Orville, Katharine, Susan

6. “World’s Fair” – Barker, Ensemble

“World’s Fair” (Reprise) – Ensemble

7. “Otto Lilienthal” – Charlie, Ensemble

8. “You Can’t Do That” – Mrs. Welsh, Ensemble

9. “Frustration” – Orville, Wilbur

10. Finale: “You Will Finally Fly” – Cast Ensemble