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Script and Theme Music by:

The Cast: 15-25
The Set: Simple one unit
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

An Astonishing Dramatic Memoir:

The horror of the holocaust provides the unlikely backdrop for a powerful true story of faith, hope, rescue and redemption. Witness the amazing experiences of Corrie ten Boom as recounted in this remarkable dramatic biography.

Please note that due to the subject matter this script is geared more towards teens and adults. Please inquire for more details.


Cast of Characters

(Ages reflect the age of the character in the show, not the age of the actor who plays them)

Corrie ten Boom

Betsie ten Boom – Sister of Corrie

Casper ten Boom – Father of Corrie and Betsie

Mr. Weil – A Jewish Neighbor

Mrs. Weil – Wife of Mr. Weil

Peter – Younger Son of Willem

Pastor Tjaard Van Soelen

Norbert S. Van Tiden – Member of the Dutch Nazi Party

Rev. Willem ten Boom

Herr Gutlieber – A Burned Jew (No lines)

Fred Koornstra – Neigbor

Donna Toeset – Helper

Annaliese – Jewish Girl with Baby (No lines)

Young Doctor

Meyer Mossel – Jewish Refugee

Haarlem Chief of Police

Kaptayen – Gestapo Agent

Lieutenant Rahms

“The Snake” – Female Guard

Mildred Hafner – Dutch Prisoner

Ellie Floor – Dutch Prisoner

Klaus Mueller – Cruel German Guard

Mrs. Weilmaker – A Ravensbruck Prisoner

Mrs. Bierens de Haan – Wealthy Dutch Widow

Kurt Dietrich – Director of a German Relief Organization

Hans Gierz – Assistant Director of a German Relief Organization

Additional Women Prisoners

Male and Female Guards

Other Characters as Needed