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Script by: Cathy Flores

The Cast: 15 – 65 (Cast Members May Play Multiple Parts)
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple one unit as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

An Inspirational Biography

With fifteen million copies in print, the story of Pastor David Wilkerson’s crusading outreach to the gangs of New York is powerfully depicted on stage. In this new production script discover how one man’s faith and loving commitment to rescue young people mired in drugs and violence led to the transformation of countless lives and the creation of internationally known Teen Challenge.

Please note that due to the subject matter this script is geared more towards teens and adults.


Cast of Characters

(Ages reflect the age of the character in the show, not the age of the actor who plays them)

Linda – Strong of faith, she volunteers at a modern Teen Challenge Center (age 18-25)

Ralph – Heroin addict, desperate for money and suicidal.(age 18-25)

Officer Jim – Police officer acting as security at the modern Teen Challenge rally (age 25-40)

David Wilkerson – Naïve country preacher struggling to achieve God’s calling for his life, he is noticeably thin (age 27)

Michael Farmer – Crippled from polio, he walks with a limp.  Unable to run or defend himself, he is murdered by the Dragon gang (age 15)

Dragon 1 – Luis Alvarez, President of the Dragons (age 16)

Dragon 2 – Leoncio “Jello” DeLeon (age 16)

Dragon 3 – Charles “The Big Man” Horton (age 18)

Dragon 4 – Leroy “The Magician” Birch (age 18)

Dragon 5 – George Melendez (age 16)

Dragon 6 – John McCarthy (age 15)

Dragon 7 – Richard Hills (age 17)

Judge Irwin Davidson – Conservative, but somewhat paranoid, he oversees the Michael Farmer trial  (age 40-60)

Renee – One of the Dragon’s Debs, she testifies at the Michael Farmer trial (age 16-22)

Defense Attorney J. Murray – The Defense Attorney for the Dragons (age 25-50)

District Attorney R. Reynolds – The Prosecutor (age 25-50)

Luis Alvarez, Sr. – Luis Alvarez’s father, a devout Christian, full of hope (age 38-45)

Pastor Vincente Ortez – Hispanic pastor of a small church in a poor section of New York (age 30-40)

Delia Ortez – Pastor Vincente Ortez’s wife, she loves music and sings beautifully (age 30-40)

Buckboard – President of the Bishops, despises the Mau Mau gang (age 18-22)

Stagecoach – Vice president of the Bishops, and Buckboard’s best friend (age 18-22)

Israel Narvaez – President of the Mau Maus, his manner is soft and charming, he is a stark contrast to his best friend Nicky (age 18-22)

Nicky Cruz – Vice president of the Mau Maus, his face is as hard and cruel as his personality, he loves to fight (age 20)

Officer Tom Brady – A cynical police officer, devoid of hope, pity, or empathy (age 30-40)

Tommy – Intelligent and observant, member of the Bishops (age 15-20 )

Willie – Likes to intimidate others, member of the Bishops (age 15-20)

Nancy – Vain and self-absorbed, a Bishop Deb (age 16-22)

Maria – A heroin addict who feels trapped and helpless, she longs for a family above all else and sees the gang as that family, a Bishop Deb (age 16-22)

Elaine – Somewhat shy member of the Bishop Debs (age 16-22)

Chuck – An extremely large and tall boy for his age, a bully (age 12-14)

Young David – David Wilkerson as a small, thin boy (age 12-14)

Johnny – Youngest, most naïve member of the Bishops (age 15-18)

Jo-Jo – Proud and cocky, homeless youth who plays the trumpet (age 15-18)

Chaplain – A prison chaplain assigned to the Dragons, arrogant and cocky (age 30-40)

Carlos – The Mau Maus ex-president, slightly wiser than the others (age 18-22)

Roberto – He has a weakness for women, especially Dixie, Mau Mau member (age 15-20)

Tico – Overly excited about practically everything, Mau Mau member (age 15-20)

Dixie – Roberto’s gal, a Mau Mau Deb (age 16-22)

Lydia – Nicky’s gal, secretly a back-sliding Christian, a Mau Mau Deb (age 16-22)

Rosa – A heroin addict, a Mau Mau Deb (age 16-22)

Mrs. Allworthy – An old busy-body who loves to criticize (age 50-60)

Gwen Wilkerson – David Wilkerson’s wife, loving and understanding, she is pregnant with her third child (age 25-30)

Grandpap Wilkerson – A fiery traveling preacher, he believes in going the extra mile to help others, a wise and faith-filled counselor (age 50-70)

Old David – David Wilkerson (age 77)

Old Maria – Maria, clean from drug use, a wife and mother who works full time with her church in Puerto Rico, one of the rally’s guest speakers (age 66-72)

Old Nicky – Nicky Cruz, now a minister and evangelist, also one of the rally’s guest speakers (age 70)

Mother – David Wilkerson’s mother (age 30-40)

Father – David Wilkerson’s father, he is dying from duodenal ulcers (age 30-40)

Doctor Brown – The doctor attending David Wilkerson’s father (age 40-50)

Police Officers, Press, Church Members, Modern Congregation, Gang Member Audience