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Lyrics by JANE CASON

The Cast: 10-15
The Set: Simple 1 or 2 unit set
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

A Classic All Original Musical Script:

An all-new musical rendition of Jane Austen’s literary masterpiece, “Sense and Sensibility.” With this 1811 romance novel, Austen (1775-1817) propelled herself to a place among the most widely read writers in English literature. And she informs her writing with a spiritual sensibility — what critic Nicholas Seymour calls a “Christian consciousness that knows what sin and virtue are, and how essential spiritual  training is.” Her stories are a place where God is present. Austen’s heroes and heroines naturally integrate prayer and reflection as a natural lifestyle. Those who are noble will persevere as they practice fortitude, humility, self-denial and duty. She is not afraid to name and depict virtues and vices — clearly showing the results of each and the consequences of personal responsibilities owned or ignored.

One old definition of spirituality is, “my prayer is what I do.” Austen’s characters reveal the power of action informed by prayer. She creates a universe in which people are what they say and what they do — a universe rooted in a reality much like our own. Words and actions reflect her character’s charms and follies — their integrity or their evil. A prayer written by Austen herself has survived today: “Incline us, oh God, to think humbly of ourselves, to be severe only in the examination of our own conduct, to consider our fellow creatures with kindness, and to judge all they say and do with that charity which we would desire from them ourselves.”


Cast and Songs

Elinor Dashwood – The oldest daughter of Mrs. Dashwood. She is very responsible, in control of her emotions and seems more mature in most instances even than her mother (age 19)

Marianne Dashwood – Marianne is the younger sister of Elinor and her opposite in many ways. She is headstrong and irresponsible, speaks her mind despite social conventions; and is prone to depression. She is passionate and romantic. (age 17)

Margaret Dashwood – The youngest Dashwood sister, she is slightly tomboyish and loves to tag along with her older sisters. (age 12)

Mrs. Dashwood – Her husband has just died, leaving her a widow and she has gone from extreme wealth to extreme poverty overnight. She has three daughters to provide for, and seeks to find husbands for the older two. (age 45-50)

John Dashwood – Makes a promise to his dying father that he will help his stepmother and half sisters. Unfortunately, he is also afraid of his wife, who convinces him to go back on his word. (age 25)

Fanny Dashwood – Hostile, manipulative and thinks herself above everyone around her. She is wealthy, but greedy. (age 20)

Edward Ferrars – Instead of being important and successful, he would rather live a simple and quiet life. He is kind, compassionate and very shy and awkward. (age 22)

Sir John Middleton – A widower and very eccentric and even ridiculous when spending time around Mrs. Jennings (age 40)

Mrs. Jennings – Very nosy and always gets the scoop. Loves to play matchmaker. (age 55)

Colonel Brandon – Kind but quiet, almost brooding (age 30-35)

Willoughby – Dashing, charming and causes everyone to like him… except Brandon. (age 20)

Lucy Steele – Charming and seemingly perfect, but also manipulative and sly. (age 19)

Anne Steele – Sister to Lucy. She is very talkative and sometimes says too much. (age 18)

Robert Ferrars – Edward’s younger brother. He is arrogant, sarcastic and behaves much like their sister, Fanny. (age 21)

Parry – Farmer hired by Col. Brandon (age 30s to 40s)

Emmaline – Works as a maid for the Dashwoods. (Any Age)


1.  “John’s Promise”……………John, Fanny, Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor, Marianne, Margaret

2.  “Kings and Queens”……………Edward, Margaret

3.  “Footsteps”……………Elinor

4.  “Matchmaking”……………Mrs. Jennings, Sir John

5.  “Passion and Prose”……………Willoughby, Marianne

6.  “Secretly in Love”……………Lucy, Anne, Elinor

7.  “Whole and Unbroken”……………Elinor, Marianne, Margaret, Mrs. Dashwood


8.  “Letters to Willoughby”……………Marianne

9.  “If I Were a Poet”……………Edward, Elinor

10.  “With Each Breath”……………Elinor, Brandon, Marianne

11.  “Sense and Sensibility”……………Marianne, Elinor

12.  “His Love is an Endless Season”……………Brandon, Marianne, Elinor, Edward, Company