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The Cast: 15-25
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 140 min

A Witty New Musical Romance:

Jane Austen’s classic story of romance charms its way on stage in this witty new musical that explores the pursuit of happiness. In one of out newest production scripts you will find Elizabeth Bennet’s prejudice against Mr. Darcy is only matched by the arrogance of his pride as this this cautionary tale unfolds with humorous twists and turns.


Cast and Songs

Elizabeth Bennet – Elizabeth has a quick wit and gets along easily with others.  Loves to read and spend time outdoors.  She is quick to judge, willful and shows herself to be prideful at the beginning, but that changes as the story unfolds.  (18-25)

Jane Bennet – Jane has a very forgiving spirit.  She wants to please and be pleased by everyone.  She always makes the best of a situation.  She is quiet and reserved and well liked by everyone (20-25)

Mary Bennet – Mary thinks very highly of herself.  She’s very bookish and likes to tell everyone what she’s learned to show off her vast knowledge and self proclaimed wisdom.  Her sisters are not fond of her, and she keeps mostly to herself.  (16-20)

Kitty Bennet – Kitty doesn’t have a very strong personality.  She follows Lydia around and pretty much goes to where the fun is.  (15-18)  

Lydia Bennet – Lydia is much like her mother: loud and strong willed.  She likes to have fun, and whines when she doesn’t get her way.  She is very “boy crazy” and especially loves soldiers.  (15-18)

Mr. Bennet – Mr. Bennet loves to tease and is very sarcastic.  He plays favorites with his kids and makes fun of his wife a lot, but it is evident that he loves them all, despite the front he puts on.  (40-50)

Mrs. Bennet – Mrs. Bennet is a loud, obnoxious, controlling woman who loves to gossip and wants nothing more than to marry off her five daughters.  (40-50) 

Charlotte Lucas – Charlotte is Elizabeth’s best friend.  She has a somewhat cynical and distorted view on how life works.  She craves happiness and wants security more than anything else.  (25-30)

Mr. Darcy – Because we see him from Elizabeth’s perspective, Mr. Darcy’s character changes as the story progresses.  We him first as very stuck up and self important.  Later, he starts to grow on us, and in the end, we see him for who he really is: a kind, generous man, wanting to do right by everyone and will go out of his way to accomplish it.  (25-35)

Mr. Bingley – Mr. Bingley is kind, enthusiastic and ready to approve of everyone and everything.  He is not a leader, and is easily persuaded by those closes to him.  (20-30)

Caroline Bingley – Miss Bingley is spiteful, sarcastic and mean spirited.  Thinks very highly of herself, and very little of others.  She chases after Mr. Darcy and is very jealous of Elizabeth.  (20-25)

Denny – A charming young soldier.  (20-30)

Mr. Wickham – Mr. Wickham seems to be the underdog when we first see him.  He’s polite and likeable, but somewhat of a pessimist.  Later, we see him as a liar, cheat and adulterer.  (25-30)

Mr. Collins – Mr. Collin’s is a ridiculous man who only lives to please his patroness, Lady Catherine.  He is very self important, however – and thinks that everyone should be hanging on his every word – and there are a lot of them.

Lady Catherine – Mr. Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine, is a pompous, stately, and traditional English woman.  She is very wealthy and thinks that it gives her just cause to meddle in the affairs of everyone else.  No one likes her, but everyone is afraid to stand up to her, or even to ignore her.  (50-60)

Anne DeBourgh – Sickly and shy daughter of Lady Catherine. (16-20)

Georgiana Darcy – Mr. Darcy’s sister.  She  is quiet, shy and nervous that people will not like her.  She is very devoted to her brother and thinks of him as a second father.  (16-20)

Colonel Fitzwilliam – Mr. Darcy’s cousin and close friend.  He is very loyal and kind.  (25-30)

Housekeeper – Employed by Mr. Darcy and thinks very highly of him.  (50-60)

Mr. Gardiner – Elizabeth’s uncle, and brother of Mrs. Bennet.  Polite and kind.  (30-40)

Mrs. Gardiner – Wife of Mr. Gardiner.  Loving aunt to Elizabeth.  (30-40)


1. “Mrs. Bennet’s Dream”……………Mrs. Bennet

2.  “Somewhere in Between”……………Elizabeth

3.  “Take My Hand”……………Ensemble

     “Take My Hand” (Reprise)……………Elizabeth, Darcy

4.  “I Never Was Intended for a Military Life”……………Wickham

      “Take My Hand” (Reprise)……………Ensemble

      “Take My Hand” (Reprise)……………Collins, Ensemble

5.  “Mr. Collin’s Proposal”……………Collins

6.  “Sisters For Life”……………Jane, Elizabeth

7.  “The Letter”……………Darcy, Elizabeth


8.  “This Could Have Been Mine”……………Elizabeth

9.  “My Poor Nerves”……………Mrs. Bennet

10.  “Angel of Mercy”……………Jane, Elizabeth

11.  “Lydia’s Wedding”……………Lydia, Elizabeth, Jane, Kitty, Mary

12.  “This Moment”……………Darcy, Elizabeth

13.  Finale……………Ensemble