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Script, Music and Lyrics by MICHAEL TENNANT

The Cast: 10-15
The Set: Simple 1 or 2 unit set
Approximate Length: 1 act, 1 hour (abridged version)

A Suspenseful Sage:

One of history’s most courageous scientists is portrayed in this true story of innovation as the caring, human side of Pasteur is explored. Millions of lives are saved as a result of the daring experiments recounted in this suspenseful saga.

Discover how Pasteur bravely demonstrates the validity of his theories in this humorous and inspirational musical. (A curriculum guide for teachers is also available.)


Cast and Songs

Pouchet – Arrogant and primeval scientist  

Reverend – Superstitious and silly

Ed – Outgoing and obnoxious journalist

Amber – Outgoing and obnoxious journalist

Louis Pasteur – Hardworking, innovative scientist; thinks outside the box

Gaspar – Bread seller.  Brief Cameo. 

Emile – Pasteur’s trusted assistant

Marie – Pasteur’s passionate wife

Child 1 – Child of Louis and Marie

Child 2 – Child of Louis and Marie

Bertha – Long-winded and nosy

Citizens of France

1. “Look Who’s Coming our Way” – Pouchet, Reverend, Ed, Amber, Louis, Chorus

2.  “Under the Microscope” – Louis

3.  “Ed and Amber – On Wine” – Ed, Amber, Louis, Reverend

4.  “The Rabies Song” – Louis

    “Ed and Amber – On Pouchet’s Lecture” (Reprise) – Ed, Amber, Pouchet

5.  “Love and Anthrax” – Marie, Louis

    “Ed and Amber – On Potential Anthrax Vaccine” (Reprise) – Ed, Amber, Louis

     “Ed and Amber – An Attempted Interview (Reprise) – Ed, Amber

     “Waiting For the Anthrax” (Reprise) – Pouchet, Reverend Chorus

    “Ed and Amber – On Pasteur’s Victory” (Reprise) – Ed, Amber, Reverend

    Finale: “Under the Microscope” (Reprise) – Ensembl