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Script by:

The Cast: 10-15
The Set: Simple 1 or 2 unit set with multi-media recommended (video projection).
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

One of a Kind Inspirational Drama Script :

Why do seemingly tragic events happen in the lives of seemingly good people? And where is God during troubling times? These are some of the key questions raised in the biblical Book of Job. As we seek to understand these issues, other tantalizing questions arise…What if Job lived today—in modern times? What if he were part of our world, living among us?

Scholars, theologians and philosophers have wrestled with the meaning of “Job” for centuries. We will not pretend to fully address, let alone answer, all the issues and questions raised by this complex book here on our stage… Job discovers that God does not always give us the answers to our questions in this life. But he demonstrates that if we seek to know God, and to walk with Him, we may also trust Him and His plans for our lives.

Though scripture tells us God’s ways are not our ways, and often beyond our understanding, we who are His creation are in the wise, sovereign and caring hands of the One who created us. And, even in those times when God’s presence is humanly imperceptible, His power is unconquerable.

May we join the biblical Job in his own sentiments of faith as recorded in chapters 13 and 19 of the book bearing his name: “Yea, though He slay me, I will hope in Him. And as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives…and at the last, He will take His stand on the Earth.”


Cast of Characters

(Ages reflect the age of the character in the show, not the age of the actor who plays them)

Job Uziah – Successful and wealthy owner of the Canaan-Uz Corporation.  He is a down-to-earth, affable company/family man.  He is a man of great faith, but a bit prideful. (Age 50’s)

Meryl Uziah – Wife of Job.  A woman of deep emotions, capable of great love, anguish and bitterness. (Age 40’s)

Eli Tremain – Lifelong friend of Job, both likable and argumentative by turns.  He serves as Job’s lawyer and a fellow board member at Job’s church.  Hint of a southern accent if possible. (Age 40’s)

Billie Shu – Forceful and slightly distrustful.  She serves as the Vice-President of the Canaan-Uz Corporation.  She is also a longtime friend of Job’s. (Age mid-30-40’s)

Farid Namat – Very traditional and legalistic, but he is a good friend of Job’s.  His company is currently involved in a merger with the Canaan-Uz Corporation.  Of Arab descent; appropriate accent required.  (Age mid 30-40’s)

Michael Hughes – Wide-eyed, slightly naïve intern at the Canaan-Uz Corporation.  He is able to see and evaluate Job’s trials better than Job’s friends. (Age early 20’s)

Lisa Trady – Kind-hearted and beautiful.  Personal assistant to Job.

Brian Uziah – Son of Job.  Easy-going, lovable and slightly irresponsible.  Attending medical school, though he wants to be a filmmaker.

Claire Uziah – Daughter of Job.  Frivolous and bubbly, she is a self-indulgent party-girl. (Age 18–early 20’s)

Caleb Uziah – Son of Job.  Extremely self-confident pilot.  Indulges in alcohol. (Age mid-late 30’s)

Satan – Strikingly handsome / beautiful, well-coifed and manipulative. (Male or Female, Age 20’s)

Matt Uziah – Job’s son with no speaking lines.

Mary Uziah – Job’s daughter with no speaking lines.

Journalist – Forthright and curious. (Age 20-30‘s)

Camera Operator – Male/ Female (Age 20-30’s)

Nurse 1 – Female.

Nurse 2 – Female.  Weary, impatient check-in nurse.

Doctor – Male.  He isconcerned and compassionate.

Jeff – Field journalist whose heart has been touched.

Talk Show Host – Female. Sugary-sweet and energetic daytime talk show host. (Age 20’s)  

Newscasters 1 & 2 – Male/Female.  Typical objective news commentators.  (Age 20-30’s)

Reporters and Paparazzi – 5 Males/Females.  (Age 20-30’s)

Various Film Extras – (Age late teens-60’s)