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Script, Music and Lyrics by MICHAEL TENNANT

The Cast: 10-15
The Set: Simple 1 or 2 unit set
Approximate Length: 1 act, 1 hr

About a General and a Statesman:

In this educational school experience the career of ambitious general and statesman, President George Washington, is traced amidst the turmoil and conflicts surrounding the nation’s founding. Memorable period music and authentic storytelling punctuates the saga of Washington’s ascent to power and a legacy influential to this day. (A curriculum guide for teachers is also available.)


Cast and Songs

Emily/Patsy – Reluctant Student/George’s Daughter

Zack/Jacky – Reluctant Student/George’s Son

Historian – Tells the story

George Washington – Brave General

Jacobs – Soldier in Washington’s Army

Hamilton – Soldier in Washington’s Army

Daniels – Soldier in Washington’s Army

General Braddock – Stubborn and critical

Martha Washington – George’s loving and supportive wife

Members of Congress


1. “Travel Back” – Historian, Soldiers

2. “The Price Of Freedom” – Daniels, George, Hamilton

3.“General Washington” – George, Congress, Soldiers

4. “By The Window” – Hamilton

5. “The Attack on Trenton” – George, Hamilton, Daniels, Jacob, Historian