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Script, Music and Lyrics by MICHAEL TENNANT

Additional Music and Lyrics by WAYNE SCOTT

The Cast: 8
The Set: Simple 1 or 2 unit set
Approximate Length: 1 act, 1 hr

Educational Insights in an Unforgettable Experience:

Follow inventor Alexander Graham Bell’s exciting adventures of this youthful discoverer of scientific wonders. When he marries a charming deaf woman, their relationship leads to the amazing invention of the telephone.

This tuneful musical combines comedy, romance, and powerful drama for an unforgettable theater experience offering educational insights. (A curriculum guide for teachers is also available.)


Cast and Songs

Thomas Watson – Friend of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell (Aleck) – Inventor

Young Melville – Brother of Alexander

Young Aleck – Alexander as a child

Mother – Mother of Alexander

Father – Father of Alexander

Mabel – Alexander’s Deaf Love Interest/ Wife

Mr. Hubbard – Father of Mabel

Various Ensemble Characters

1. “The World Around Us” – Ensemble, Thomas

2.”Alexander Graham Bell” – Ensemble, Thomas, Aleck

3. “I’m an Inventor” – Young Aleck

4. “Mabel” – Aleck, Thomas

5. “Alexander Graham Bell” – Ensemble

6. “Aleck and Mabel’s Love Song” – Mabel, Aleck

     “Alexander Graham Bell” (Reprise) – Thomas, Mr. Hubbard

7. “The Eyes of a Dreamer” – Aleck, Mabel

   “Alexander Graham Bell” (Reprise) – Ensemble

Finale:  “The World Around You” (Reprise) – Ensemble