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Script, Music and Lyrics by MICHAEL TENNANT

The Cast: 15+
The Set: Simple one set, very flexible
Approximate Length: 1 act, 20 min.

A Thought Provoking Trial:

In Abraham Lincoln witness the challenges and triumphs of one of our nation’s greatest leaders during a time of great upheaval in American history. This incredible story of our sixteenth president comes to life in a world premiere musical script.


Cast and Songs

Matt  – A Young Boy

Jeff – A Young Boy

Robert Lincoln – Adult Son of Abraham Lincoln

Mr. Rutledge – Father of Abraham’s Friend, Ann

Ann Rutledge – Dying friend of Abraham Lincoln

James – Friend and Confidant to Abraham Lincoln

Mary Todd – Abraham Lincoln’s Wife

Slave Owner

Stephen Douglas – Political and Personal Rival to Abraham Lincoln

General Ulysses S. Grant – Leader of the Union Army

Robert E. Lee – Leader of the Confederate Army


Abolitionists, Slave Owners and Villagers

1. “The Abolitionist’s Cry” – Chorus

2. “You Have A Heartbeat” – Ann Rutledge

3. “Amazing Grace” – Chorus

4. “Tariff of Abomination” – Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas

5. “Choosing A New Leader” – Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Douglas and Chorus

6. “The Civil War” – Abraham Lincoln, James, Grant, Lee

7. “Battle Hymn of the Republic” – Chorus

8. Finale: “Heartbeat of a Nation” – Chorus